Why Judy Adventures

Why choose Judy Adventures

Judy Adventures invites to the home of safari. The East Africa Region is bestowed with lots of wildlife including a variety of birds and mammals, and also exhibits a cultural diversity and natural habitat like no other. Its beautiful scenery with breathtaking landscapes and white sandy beaches is unmatched, and we are enthusiastic about our growing list of exciting and personalized safari packages.

At Judy Adventures, we not only present travelers’ with the standard safari programs, but also are keen and always go the extra mile to understand and meet the needs of the traveler, hence offering personalized services all through. We are able to accommodate different forms of interests, time frame as well as valid budgets. Our priority is to continuing to operate midrange and upmarket bespoke safaris for clients who discern the “real safari” experiences.

Today, and throughout our operation, our priorities have always been to:
Operate the best safaris for our client – taking into consideration their interests, ages, celebrations; so that they get the very best out of their safari experience.

Responsibility and professionalism – so that attention to detail, free flying doctors membership, vetted destinations and subcontractors, and responsible ecotourism are an essential component of the safari planning

Emphasis on wildlife, complete safari experience, cultures, food and as well as enjoying the most dramatic bedrooms in the world!