Fitness Leves Required

Gorilla Trekking General Info


Different Gorilla families/groups requires different fitness levels times, some gorilla groups/families are easier to take, if you are not very fit, or old age, we advise you to go tracking in Rwanda, In Rwanda all trackings leave from the same point, where rangers will select easier and more difficult trackings according to your fitness leveling Kinigi briefing point. But tracking in Rwanda, is more expensive it cost USD750 per person while in Uganda it cost USD600 per person for high season in month of Jun, July, August September and December, also Uganda offers a Laow Season/discounted gorilla Permits at USD450 per person in the month of March, April, May and November. For more information please contact Kisoro Tours Uganda for more details

In Uganda the Rushegura Gorilla family/group is the one you must insist on with your tour operator or safari company. For most of the families/groups, you may need to workout before you can take a more challenging family/group trek. But this should not worry you, its not mountaineering At the Uganda Wildlife Authority briefing point you shall receive free, walking sticks. Our safari guide will give you enough water to help you during your Gorilla trekking/tours.