Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking General Info


Around the world only 800 mountain gorilla still exist today. Although our closest living relatives, ironically, it is man that poses the greatest threat to their survival. For years gorillas have been ruthlessly hunted for their hands and heads, which are sold on as macabre souvenir ashtrays and lamp shades. Additionally, large numbers have been killed whilst trying to stop poachers stealing babies which are illegally sold on to zoos, where their survival rate is low.

Gorilla trekking is a wonderful experience, allowing you the opportunity to have a close encounter with these gentle giants of the jungle in their natural habitat. The trekking will take place either in Uganda, Rwanda or Democratic Republic of Congo – depending on local conditions and the availability of the gorilla permits. You need not feel that you are exploiting these animals by paying good money to go trek to see them in their natural habitat. In fact the ever-growing number of tourists keen to see the gorilla proves to be an important factor in their survival. The gorilla permit fees help to set up and finance that are instrumental in protecting the gorillas from poachers and their lethal snares.

How Much Gorilla Permit Costs

The cost and availability of gorilla permits varies and depends on which country and park and currently in Uganda it cost USD600, in Rwanda USD750 and DR Congo USD500 You will also need to budget for visa fees costs, transfer and a local service fee approx USD 40-50 and to renew your Ugandan and Rwanda visa upon re-entry should we have to go t DR Congo. The government often increases the permit and transfer costs without notice, so we ask that you budget for the highest amount, so that you don’t suddenly have to find additional money to partake in this wonderful experience.

The reason that the permits are so costly is because each park only issues limited permits per gorilla family per day, to ensure that the gorilla’s exposure to humans is limited. 100% of the gorilla permit cost is used by the government to continue in the excellent work they do in protecting and promoting these wonderful animals.